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Resident Artists & Instructors


Basic Hip Hop

Karon Hawkins

Int. Hip Hop

Darius Whittington

Piano Lessons 

Kela Shawnte

Adv. Hip Hop

who we are

Jazmine Bailey

Kids Hip Hop

Dance Studio in Pittsburgh

Rosalie Hannah

Dance Cardio

Will Luetkehans

Popping & Animation

Patrick Everett, Shaun Mbateng, Mario Quinn 

owners of Level Up Studios 

Roland Ford

Line Dancing

Shayla Harris


Level Up Studios is a creative arts studio that offers Dance & Martial Arts Training, Design Services, Creative Writing Courses & Piano Lessons under one roof. Inspired by hip hop culture, Level Up celebrates its positive roots and serves as a creative playground for underserved youth, local artists/ musicians and cultural enthusiasts.

Created out of a passion for community reinvestment, we aim to make art, music and movement accessible in life, not just the classroom. Here we encourage students to explore their ideas through experimentation in the arts while building the skills to develop career related interests, self confidence, and cultural awareness.


Pat Everett-Hip Hop,

Creative Writing

Sharnell Younger

HipHop in Heels & Burlesque

Self Cyphadeem

​Martial Arts

Albert Du

Hip Hop

Talia Sugarmann

House Foot work

Gina Omeje

African Dance

Mario Quinn-Hip Hop,

Popping & Animation

our approach

Level Up Studios

the creative playground for the collaborative culture