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The program will be based on an educational curriculum that ties in the hip-hop culture and experience. The program will be broken down into two 3 week intensives, running two cohorts from June 11th- 29th to July 9th-27th as the curriculum is designed for students ages 6-18. The students will be taught according to their age and will be broken up into two groups of learning. Those age groups are: Youth- ages 6-12, and Teens- ages 13-18. We would like to have no more than 25 students at any given time during the course of the program. Our curriculum is unique,  because it meets the students where they are. It is intended to improve their academic, cultural and artistic interests while developing each student as an individual.

Module 1:Intro to Hip Hop Dance: Students will learn the dance history, vocabulary, basic movements & techniques, and composition of dance choreography. They will learn how to count, multiply, and divide beats or measures. Students will learn how to apply moves to each beat ultimately creating their own piece of choreography.

Module 2:Intro to Creative Writing: Students will learn about poetry and rhythm. A more in depth exploration of this lesson includes exposure to the concepts of similes, metaphors, alliteration, pattern, and rhyme scheme.  Students will also learn music theory, scales and chord progressions through basic piano lessons. Students will also learn music production and recording.

Module 3: Intro to Visual/Design Arts:  Students will learn about different artists, their styles, and the eras in which the flourished. Students will learn vocabulary, color theory, drawing and painting techniques. Additionally they will be introduce to digital arts and how to apply ideas using design software.  Students will be tasked with creating their own art pieces based upon what they learn in this module.

At the completion of the program, students will display everything that they have learned and created through the duration of the camp. The showcase/exhibition will be held at the end of week 6 of the program. Location TBA


3 week tuition $350/student, $125/ additional child in Family

* Tuition can be paid as one lump sum or weekly* Students must commit to full 3wk camp

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The Learn, Create, Empower, Change curriculum is designed to use, dance, design/ visual arts, and creative writing to explore identity enhancement among students ages 6-18yrs. Level Up Studios brings together an ensemble of professional artists and creative leaders committed to developing the next generation of Pittsburgh artists, social change leaders, and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to create an enrichment opportunity accessible to students from low income communities and under-resourced schools. Level Up Studios is dedicated to community reinvestment, and student mentorship with an emphasis on career development and further academic progression, focusing on exploring the connection between creativity and academics. We believe the arts are used as a creative way to share our individual stories. The core values of the curriculum are as follows: Learn to create, Create to empower, Empower to change.