A fundraiser campaign to support Level Up Studios during the COVID19 Pandemic.

For the past 4 years Level Up Studios has been committed to enriching the educational and artistic experiences of African American youths here in Pittsburgh. Here at Level Up Studios we use a range of creative disciplines, including Hip Hop Dance & Martial Arts, Creative Writing, Studio Production, and Visual Arts; bringing another dimension to learning for children and teens growing up in disadvantaged circumstances. We also serve as a platform for up-in-coming visual, and performing artists in the city. We provide opportunities for artists through our exhibitions, special events, studio rental, and audio recording services.


Due to the COVID19 Pandemic we have been hit with a serious challenge as many others have during this time. Although there have been many opportunities for emergency funding and online support efforts we are still faced with so much uncertainty. Many of you know that we have done our best to adapt to this situation by moving our programming online to virtual classrooms however it has not been enough to maintain our regular overhead. When COVID19 initially hit, our teaching artists were the most impacted, going from consistent class schedules to needing to supplement that income. Currently, we employ 17 teaching staff and 5 administrative staff who depend on our organization's ability to operate. 


So today, we are reaching out to our community, and supporters to ask for your help! You can help today by joining the #ArtIsEssential movement: A fundraiser campaign to support Level Up Studios during the COVID19 Pandemic. The #ArtIsEssential movement is about making sure we all have access to arts for years to come. We have partnered with local artists, Jessii Marie, Deavron Dailey, River Bennett and Trenita Elizabeth to design a collection a shirts that embodies the importance & beauty in art.


Simply by purchasing one of our #ArtIsEssential T-shirts or donating to paypal.me/leveluppgh you can help us continue to serve youth and adult learners. Our goal is to raise $5,000  within the next 30 days to support our programming, teaching artists and keep our doors open. Be a part of something great and help us continue to keep our commitment not only to our students but to our community. 

With your help we can continue to be a place where a sense of family and creativity meet…

Meet the Artists


Visual Artist

Jessii Marie

Jessii Marie is a 27 year old visual artist born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. Her work is about empowering her community and using her art to raise awareness on social issues and build unity. 


Mixed- Media Artist

Deavron Dailey

Deavron Dailey is a mixed media artist from Detroit, MI who now lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. One of the recurring themes of his current work explores the comparisons and contrasts of these two industrial cities, with special interest given to landscape differences, social climate, times of economic hardship, and each cities’ response to challenges. A wide variety of artistic media is used to create his work such as screen printing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, writing, and more. 



River Bennett

River Bennett is a Pittsburgh born artist, they have been photographing street life for a decade. They are inspired by other local artists to show what “Home” looks like for them. You can find most of their work on Instagram follow @rvr.photo to stay connected. 


Visual Artist | Designer

Trenita Elizabeth

Trenita Finney is an artist and designer located in Pittsburgh. She uses vibrant watercolors combined with pop culture, anime influences and big hair. She loves evoking emotions and helping people feel seen in her work.

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