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Level Up Studios is Pittsburgh's only Hip Hop/ Street Dance Exclusive dance and creative arts studio. Level Up focuses on enriching the educational and artistic experiences of youth and teen learners along with adult practitioners looking to strengthen their skills, knowledge, and confidence. At Level Up Studios we offer a range of classes and services, including Hip Hop/Street Dance, Fitness Classes, and Audio Recording Services. 


Inspired by hip-hop culture, Level Up celebrates its positive roots and preserves the culture by serving as a creative playground and event venue for local artists, musicians, and cultural enthusiasts. With a passion for community reinvestment, we aim to make art, music, and movement accessible in life, not just in the classroom. In addition to our high-level classes and services, we provide accessibility through free and reduced-price programs, scholarships for youth learners in low-income communities, and partnering with other youth-serving organizations.


Here at Level Up, we encourage all to explore their ideas through experimentation in the arts while building the skills to develop career-related interests, self-confidence, and cultural awareness.

 Mario Quinn Lyles, Co-Founder & Owner/ CEO

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Level Up Studios' vision is to cultivate a dynamic space that nurtures holistic growth, fostering intergeneration synergy and a sense of community through the vibrant expressions of art, hip hop and street dance.

Giving Back

Level Up Studios offers programs such as dance meet-ups (Cyphers), dance battles, and workshops where we bring in national and industry-renowned dancers and choreographers to help further educate and support our students and patrons.


Additionally, we host monthly art exhibitions, music showcases, and events highlighting the work of local visual artists, musicians, and dancers. Other enrichment programs we offer include summer camps and after-school programming.


Since August 2019 we've partnered with organizations such as Assemble, Phase 4 Learning Center, Best Buy Teen Tech Center, and Demonstration in holding the annual Level Up Block Party, which consists of live music, painting, dance performances, vending, and a back-to-school drive for youth.



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