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Classes & Workshops

  • Beginner Krump class for All levels

    Mon1 hr
  • Intermediate Krump class for All levels

    Mon1 hr
  • Heels class for adults 18+

    Mon1 hr
  • A technical and intermediate hip hop class perfect for teens & adults

    Tue1 hr
  • Authentic Bollywood dance for All levels

    Tue1 hr
  • Ballet for dancers ages 16+

    Tue1 hr
  • Perfect for kids aged 5-12 years

    Sat1 hr
  • Bay area funk styles for kids age 5+

    Wed1 hr
  • Intermediate level class great for teens and adults

    Wed, Sat1 hr
  • Weekly dance class for seasoned dancers, perfect for teens & adults

    Wed, Fri1 hr
  • Bay area funk styles class, perfect for teens & adults

    Thu1 hr
  • Beginner hip hop for adult learners

    Thu, Sat1 hr
  • An Intermediate level class perfect for teens and adults

    Thu1 hr
  • Locking funk dance for All levels

    Fri1 hr
  • K-Pop dance for teens and adults

    Sat1 hr
  • Boxing & Conditioning class for All levels

    Fri, SatDuration Varies
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