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November 28th, 2023

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As the rhythmic heartbeat of Pittsburgh's dance scene, Level Up Studios is gearing up for an exciting Giving Tuesday on the 28th of this month, and we're reaching out to you because we know you share our passion for fostering creativity and community through dance.Your support means the world to us and contributes directly to our diverse dance programs. 


By donating to our dedicated Giving Tuesday link, you'll be backing not only our youth hip-hop classes but also fueling the rhythm behind upcoming events that define Level Up Studios.


From the electrifying Block Party to the fierce Stomping Grounds Battle of Competition scheduled for September of next year, your generosity powers every beat, step, and jump. These events not only showcase our commitment to the art of street dance but also bring the community together in a celebration of movement and unity.


Although donations made through our link aren't tax-deductible, for those seeking a tax benefit, we've got an alternative. Feel free to send a check or money order, payable to the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation, attention Level Up Studios. Your contribution will make a lasting impact, ensuring the legacy of hip-hop and street dance thrives in Pittsburgh.


Let's make this Giving Tuesday one to remember! Join us in elevating the beat, supporting the arts, and keeping the rhythm alive at Pittsburgh's only hip-hop and street dance studio, Level Up Studios.


Stomping Grounds 2023 Dance Workshop with Jesse Sykes

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